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the NewRevolutionaries community is buzzing my brain and making me think...
We write, yes, we write because we must, as I have said. But the writer is nothing, a writer without a reader is little more than schrodinger's cat in it's little black box or room or whereever it was that he put it. It is the reader, and what is reader but a peeping tom? A voyeur looking into other people's lives through small word-shaped binoculars and chuckling to themselves at the very humanity of the writer. Such embarasing humanity! Look at those wobbly bits! At all that shameful emotion that we aren't supposed to have! At the murder and the sex and the tragedy and the love and all those other things that we button down every day. Yes we love fiction.
I love fiction! To missquote poor miss Bronte.... I am fiction.

How shameful of me to abuse Emily in such away, she has had enough abuse done to her for one year. I am now going to go onto an unnecessary rant, and all fans of the twilight saga may wish to push their fingers firmly in their ears and whistle loudly, but not until they have understood one thing: Emily Bronte is not a pseudonym for Stephenie Meyers. Wuthering Heights is a book that has been around considerably longer than twilight (or twiglet as i like to call it) and shall remain considerably longer.

They have brought out a new edition of Wuthering Heights with a cover to match the twilight books, black with white and red, and on the front cover, entirely without explainaion is the legend 'Bella and Edward's favourite book'
Bella- and - edward - - - this goes beyond richard and judy, this stoops to a whole new low, poor emily will be spinning in her grave at being associated with a book of such utter TRIPE. There, i've said it, I feel considerably better.

On the otherhand, perhaps it is good. perhaps some teenage girl will wander along and buy it, thinking it is the dreaded SM and end up reading it and be saved... one my hope

And Yet...

In response to my post less than half an hour I must say...
And Yet... does the wrier (assuming one is a writer with a readship), does the writer not have a duty to write, not for themselves in a gratuetous and self-absorbed manner, but with a message, bareing his readship in mind.

There is no doubting the power of a writer, but can a writer like Tolkien be blamed for his generalisation of good and evil, and painting war gloriously- I often think our dear Mr Bush must have been watching one too many Lord of the Rings films (bless him i wouldn't go so far as to suggest his reading) before he decided tp launch into Aragorn mode and rid the world of its evil... et cetera.

Non? I'd be fascinated to hear opinions....

Thoughts on Writers...

the writer writes because he must.

otherwise he, or she, let it be said, is not really a writer, merely an actor.

If one writes to get ones message across, if one writes to tell someone how they feel, if one writes for recognition or for fame: one is not a writer, these things come about, surely, as a side effect of the writers drive but only in so far as they are not the overall objective. The true writer, writes because he must.


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